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Is Winbox safe for everyone?

At Winbox 88 Casino , the personal database of Winbox players is fully protected by our Win-System. Your personal information and bank details will never be exposed to third parties and will only be used within the Winbox Terms of Use. Our platform is secured with the latest firewall and encryption technologies on the market to ensure the best possible experience for our players.


Winbox Partners

Winbox Casino have multiple choices in app that are able to play anytime, anywhere when you want to. Famous platfroms like BG, AE SEXY, Asia Gaming, Sbobet, Maxbet, JDB are which you can found in Winbox App. Our games are supported by Android and IOS so you can play online casino on your mobile whenever you want.


Winbox APP / Winbox APK support

Winbox App is now available for free for IOS and Android users. Winbox players can be completely at ease when playing games. Users will be asked to sign up for a free winbox account before you can download the Winbox app. If you already have a Winbox account, click here to download the app now.


How can I trust Winbox?

For example, loyal Winbox players will share their winnings at Winbox Casino or Winbox Slots Games on social media. May you find Winbox posts there. The leading Winbox app has become a trusted platform among competitors as we have been the best online casino Malaysia over the years. Check out our Winbox shares in FB, Insta, and more! Sign up for Winbox now for free.


Winbox Slot Games Online

Perhaps slot gamers only choose those games that have an incredible probability of winning big. Winbox slot games like Winbox Lion King, Lucky365, Playtech and 918kiss are the most attractive in Winbox. Without further ado, why not come to WINbox to have a try? May our free games and bonuses blow your mind while playing Winbox slot games.


Winbox version

Compared with Winbox, which was officially promoted in 2019, Winbox has been updated to the latest version to ensure the user experience of Winbox. Also, when the user is connected to mobile data or wifi, the Winbox App will automatically update without any charges. Winbox users’ game logs/saved data will remain unchanged in our database after a Winbox update.


Winbox proxy

If you want, we can create a Winbox member/Winbox agent account for you for free to start your Winbox business. The high percentage of Winbox daily cashback proves that your life is better. Daily and on time. Contact us today to claim your Winbox agency account.


Winbox Wallet

In Winbox, users also own their Winbox game credits. You can get them by topping up in our e-wallet (bank transfer and instant topup) or by buying through Winbox agents in cash. Earnings or winnings from your Winbox affiliate account can be withdrawn at any time if you wish. Every transaction of Winbox e-wallet will be strictly recorded by our system. So, take it easy.


Winbox registration

How to sign up for a Winbox account? Just follow the guide we provided when signing up for Winbox. This step requires no external fees. If you still have questions, please ask our customer service team for help or visit our Winbox registration tutorial for more information.


Is the Winbox Lion King monthly bonus RM180,888 real?

Any player who finds the treasure chest Winbox LION KING can win extra cash prize up to MYR 68,000.00. The top ten winners (excluding Jackpot) with the highest prize money in any Lion King game will be added to the championship list by the system. Visit for more information.


Winbox Promotions and Rebates

Winbox offers players some of the best promotions and rebates for different games. As a top online casino from Malaysia and Singapore, we understand the benefits of rebates and promotions for players. To ease the computational burden, our promotions are simple and understandable, and requirements can be easily fulfilled by all customers. We also offer an attractive rebate rewards program for all Winbox members.


Winbox payment method

Using our highly secure Winbox top-up system, users can easily deposit Winbox points into their accounts via ‘instant top-up’ or ‘bank transfer’. And for Winbox Global players, we cater to users using Touch ‘n Go and Boost point transfers to redeem Winbox points in a very convenient and accessible way.