Teréz Szilvia Huszár

Solo Exhibitions            

2014 October - Exhibition in MOE – Dubai, UAE

2012 Jan-Febr "Life" Exhibition – Budapest, Hungary

2005 Aug-Oct "Akt-uális hírek" Exhibition – Budapest, Hungary

Group Exhibition

2014 May - The Hungarian Week – Dubai, UAE


Up Coming Exhibition   

2015    Dubai, UAE


Projects Past and Present   

2014    Art Project for Al Bayader International LLC

2014    Designing first handbag collection, Limited Edition

2013    Art Project for Al Zahra Hospital, Dubai - 22 Oil Paintings on various subjects for the 17 departments throughout the Hospital, and a 19mt. Children’s Mural for the Paediatric Ward

2012    Art Project for Princess Tower, Dubai - 6 Oil Paintings for the 97th viewing floor and public areas in the World’s tallest Residential Building (Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat and Guinness World Records - May 2012) 

2012    Art Project for Elite Residence Tower, Dubai - 9 Oil Paintings for variuos public areas in the World’s third tallest residential building

2011    Design for Gulyas Restaurant, Budapest, Hungary


Painting Courses         

Tutored private lessons for children and adults, beginners and experienced Painters For information on teaching methods, timing and more details  of the course please contact Szilvia.



Teréz Szilvia Huszár was born in 1981 in the heart of Europe, Hungary. At the age of 11 her parents recognized her talent and started nurturing her artistic skills. The first art school she attended fundamentally determined her future career. She fell in love with art forever. Her future studies included different prestigious art schools in Hungary and the United Kingdom. 

Though Szilvia is a professional contemporary artist by default, she is versatile through a vast range of styles. Including, not limited to: classic, abstract, art deco, naturalism, architecture and so on. Szilvia believes in self-development, and continuously strives to improve her skills in a variety of styles and use of colours.  She is fully competent in using painting techniques such as charcoal, pastel, watercolour, tempera and oil. Her art practice is influenced by modern fine art style and involves various themes, colours and emotions.

As a contemporary artist she aims to reach people on many different levels, not only visually but emotionally as well. Art is a continuous flowing journey for her; an important way of self-reflection. 

Szilvia believes that art has the ability to reach out and connect people by accessing their imaginations and feelings. Whether this is peace, war, health, famine, disasters, sport, or times of joy or pain - Art has no boundaries. It can be used to communicate powerful messages and bring people together to achieve great things. 

She is fortunate that she has already had the chance to support Charity Organisations, for instance, her last exhibition in Hungary was in aid of a Cancer Organisation, a cause very dear to her heart. Working for Al Zahra Hospital in Dubai added another dimension to this type of work for her.

Her Art work is sought after worldwide, presented in local and foreign institutions, galleries and in private collections. 

While in Dubai she completed a project for the newly opened Al Zahra Hospital which included mural and oil paintings for all the wards and receptions areas. Szilvia was also involved in a project for the Princess and Elite Towers, the 1st. and 3rd tallest residential buildings in the world, where she was responsible for planning and embellishing the public areas. 

She has also organized many Art Workshops for various art communities in her native Hungary and has developed a workshop program in Dubai.


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26th; 27th and 28th of October, 2014

Opening hours:

from 12pm until 10pm

at DUCTAC, Mall Of the Emirates, Dubai